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Buying and Selling Planes for personal or business use is a common practice. Small airplanes, jets, helicopters, turboprops, charters, and other aircrafts are purchased on a regular basis.

The main advantage of Buy and Sell Planes is that they provide immediate access and short flight across the world. Business executives find the planes comfortable and travel faster. Rich families own multiple aircrafts for their family members to save time and offer luxurious options.

Buy and Sell Planes Access

Private jets save time that would have been wasted at the airports and long check ins. Seperate access and clearance is available for travelers using the private planes. Smaller airports let the passengers drive up to the aircraft and fly. Pilots play a major role in the security of the planes, flight, and the passengers.

For some businesses and executives, small planes are a necessity rather than the luxury due to the reduced travel time of the key people. Some business meetings are arranged during the flight itself resulting in timely deals.

Parking of small and medium jets is usually done at a rented place or on a private property. If you buy fuel at the airport, some of them let you park overnight for free. During major events, even millionaires find it challenging to get a parking spot.

Pilots are hired on a temporary or permanent basis. Private pilots and Corporate pilots get special training at approved sites and Private Pilot License certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Features of Planes

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Private planes have some luxurious features and other latest options such as WiFi and DirecTV are available in the latest models. Here are some of the features of planes:

  • Luxury seating and entertainment facilities
  • Conference rooms and meeting areas
  • Large private restrooms
  • Seperate bed rooms and special accommodation for pets
  • Custom furniture and personalized decor
  • Belted lavaratory which can be extended to extra seat with cushion

Modern jets also come with special safety features.

  • Weather radio and radar facilities
  • Registered with United States Registry
  • Active traffic advisory systems
  • Satellite datalinks
  • Exclusive safety for higher altitudes and extreme weather
  • Special Garmin features for flight navigation


The main deciding factor of the private jets is the affordability. They are very costly and the range is two million to fifteen million US dollars and higher. Millionaires and billionaires are the ones that can buy and afford the aircrafts. Features, new or used, manufactured year, type of seating, privacy and entertainment facilities, external appearance, number of previous owners, and so on are the deciding factors.

The annual maintenance of the planes vary based on the number of flight hours. In general, the maintenance cost is around one million to four million US dollars. Fuel costs, pilot charges, airport charges, repairs, engine maintenance, aircraft maintenance, and so on must be considered.



Certified agents from National Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA) can assist in Buy and Sell Planes. They can capture your requirements, find one, test it, and negotiate on your behalf.

National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) helps businesses in acquiring aircrafts and provides guidelines for maintenance and operation.

Buy and Sell

Buying and Selling Planes can be accomplished online through sources such as:

  1. Jet Aviva
  2. Business Air
  3. Global Air
  4. Controller
  5. Aerotrader

New and used planes are available in different cabin sizes and specifications. Leasing planes is also a popular option to reduce the maintencance hassles.

Individuals can choose a charter plane for short term travel. Cost-sharing is beneficial if travelling with a group. Deals on Planes can be found during major sporting, business, political, or music events.

Rules to Buy and Sell Planes

Millionaires who travel frequently about 350 hours or more per year can afford to buy a private jet. Jet vendors suggest that the owners change the plane every four to five years for upgrades and maintenance. A cost to benefit analysis is required before initiating the purchase.

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Finding a good agent or broker is required as they are familiar with the Buy and Sell process. Getting inspected is a good idea for evaluation and negotiation purposes. Test ride is recommended to avoid surprises. The pilot can inform you if they encounter any problems during the flight.

Checking all the previous ownership details, original purchase receipt, and any accident history is required. Leasing is a better option for owners who want to avoid maintenance hassles and can upgrade easily.

Tips to Buy and Sell Planes

Buy and Sell Planes is a very costly affair and must be handled by professionals. Here are some general tips that can help navigate the trade.

  • Check the sales tax requirement in the area of delivery. The rules change from county to county in different states in the USA.
  • Make a list of facilities required and the mandatory features.
  • List out the usage forecst in the next three to five years.
  • Have an agent work for you who can monitor the sale and maintenance.
  • Do change the models every five years in order to get latest models.
  • Consider leasing from a charter to reduce maintenance.
  • If parking on a personal property or a closed shed, check all the local rules and charges.
  • If you plan to fly the plane yourself, make sure you are aware of the controls, licenses, and the routes.
  • If buying from an international vendor, check the import regulations and taxes from both USA and the seller country.

Buy and Sell Planes Tips